What should I expect during a session?

First and foremost, you should expect to have a good time! I prefer to shoot candid (real) moments! Much of the time I will ask you to interact with your fiancée, family, etc.   

How soon should I book my session?

Planning an event?... I'd call right away! For a portrait session I would recommend booking at least 3 weeks in advance. 

When/Where is the best time to schedule a session?

As far as where, wherever you want! I love capturing families in their home environment, in a cool unique location, or doing a fun activity! (think::: art museums, swimming, bowling, arcade, gardens, pumpkin carving, apple picking, sledding, holi powder) The list is truly endless, and I look forward to discussing all the possibilities with you! Closer to sunrise or sunset is the most ideal time to shoot on location.  ***TIP Pintrest is your best friend when planning photos!

What do I wear? 

Wear whatever makes you feel good! When you are confident and feel like yourself it shines through in the images! Feel free to let your personality show and leave those same color matching tees at home!

What should I bring?

 Although I try to stray away from "too posed" pictures, props can actually create great, real moments! Ideas::: quilt, small chairs for children, bubbles, bicycles, wagon... don't forget those toys+snacks and wet wipes. (just in case!)

How can I (parent) help with my children's session? 

Let everyone do their natural thing! I don't like forced smiles and chances are neither will your child! I will typically let them play and run around until they are comfortable with me. If there is great light in a certain location, I will ask for your assistance with their cooperation! (this is where snacks come in handy!!!) Be prepared to belt out their favorite song or get on your dancing shoes, we will be as goofy as possible to catch those genuine expressions! 

What will you bring?

Sometimes clients like to plan something special for their shoot... (glitter, holi paint , etc..) I will bring anything important we discussed, my camera bag, and my giant zip disc. 

We had our session, now what? 

Portrait session- Please allow 2 weeks following session for your gallery. There you will select your favorites for me to finalize.

Event(small)- Please allow 2-3 weeks following event for your gallery.

Can I purchase additional images?

 Portrait sessions include 10 hi-res digital files. You may purchase additional images as a print or digital file.

How do I download my edited photos?

Once logged into gallery, add all images to cart, look under "digital media" tab and choose "download all"! I highly recommend backing up your images after download or you can purchase a flash drive to store all your memories on!


I own the copyright to all images and reserve the right to use any photograph in the form of advertising, copyright or reproduction. It is illegal to copy, scan, or reproduce photographs or digital images created by JUSTINA LEE PHOTOGRAPHY without consent. A printing release for personal use only will be granted to clients who purchase digital files.

Do you travel?

Absolutely, and I have special packages available for destination weddings! 

Do you sell gift cards?

 Yes! Albums + prints, too! 

Whats in your bag?

I shoot with top of the line canon gear